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Detective Rosenharte

August 31, 2007

Good evening!

TGIF people!

Tomorrow, we are all having a RATATOUILLE OUTING!

Yes, that CUTE/Kawaii/可爱 movie about a rat with culinary skills.

Luminaire family watching again! 2 thumbs up.


Reviews Counted: 168

Fresh: 162 Rotten: 6

Average Rating: 8.5/10


Oh, and to end your friday night a little sweeter,  Rosenharte found our

first little FAN! Well, Aelfywn saw him, Rosenharte shot a pic of him. LOL

If we decided to call ourselves hooters that is XD.

Take care!


ClubHootHoot’s inaugural post

August 30, 2007

Greetings fellow ClubHootHoot members!

[Aelfywn wants to call us HOOTERS. Please cast your votes.]

Luminaire family reporting.

Finally registered a “domain” and the header was wonderfully cropped by Aelfywn.

Do link us to your personal blogs if you want, and if you really really want and the Crimson Family allows your personal links on this blog, drop your URL.

Pictures will soon be up, and if possible, please bear with the simplicity of the layout for the time being.