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September 12, 2007

To people who have yet to own a GE BOX SET.

 Luminaire family wants to share a box set with someone.

She is willing to pay 2 fifths of the price for a sage and some G points. [E.g $50,Lumi pays $20 =D]

Definitely bulk will go to the other party.

SO PELASE! SOMEBODY SHARE WITH ME, I’m currently training the ordinary Emilia Guliano and she’s driving me batty dying all the time and I think it is very wasteful when the time I spent training her I can train the SAGE.

Pretty pretty please? 


Tser family reporting! Clubhoothoot’s history

September 5, 2007

Hello people!

This is Tser and I’ll be writing today’s entry.

For tonight’s entry, I’ll shed some light on our fraction’s history. Yes! Our glorious history! <Insert funky dance move>

The fraction was formed while majority of the core members were still training at the Tetra Ruins. With only a few of our core members being CBT players, you could say that the fraction was relatively inexperienced. First up, is our boss/president, Crimson! He’s the heart of our fraction. From logistics to organization, he did it all (with the help from some of us of course =D ). I recalled that he was one of better people to park with, due to his offensive line-up of characters. Next up, is our vice boss/president Wispshot! A steady player with alot of experience from CBT, he acts as our advisor and mentor! Did I mention that he has a fetish for boss hunting?Haha!

After long hours of arguing and PVPing (slightly exaggerated!), all of us finally decided on the name “Clubhoothoot”. According to the boss and vice boss, its origin came from the term “to hoot” which meant going on a “buying spree” limit break with no regard for the amount of cash you have. (Don’t keel me if its wrong boss, vice boss!!!)

So, with the name of the fraction in place, a handful of eager members, Clubhoothoot was on its way! As always, its tough in the beginning. There was a lack of good equipments and everyone was using run-of-the-mill items (Think armor with 6 fire res…). But we improvised and passed the items around to make sure everyone was at least  decently equipped (lvl 52+ ring mail cost about 700k to a few million 0.0!  at that time) We shared good times as well as shit times together but mainly, the shit times (Think Borat!).  But everyone was happy and enjoying the game.

Time passed quickly in a blink of an eye. For me, lvl 1 seemed to be yesterday. From a handful of us,  we  grew in size and became a mini community where we spend time with each other . From lvl 1, we trained hard and became veterans. With the dawning of the commercial phrase, we opened our doors to new members to bolster our ranks for upcoming colony wars as well as fraction events.

Onward Clubhoothoot!

Next installment: PEEVEEPEE NAO!!!

Till then, this is the Tser family signing out! In the mean time, continue to…