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Sleepover update!:o

November 29, 2007
WHO(comfirmed attendance)
Wispshot, Crimson, Luminiare, Rosenharte, Camez, Lammeh, Tser, Exigo, Cieranette, Aelfywn, Clairsk, Brunhild
Sleep over and movie night!
what to bring
food-will be be pot luck to please be sure to bring some food with you or you go eat maroon grass and drink pots.>:(
feel free to bring your own movies or we will all watch borat 3 times followed by sponge bob and 5cm.
toothbrush, a change of clothes and hairwax (Andre requests that we look glam ALL the time)
yourself-thats a given:D
30 November 2130hrs(GTM+8)
AElfywn’s home is located in hillview(off dairy farm road)

If you decide the you would like to attend this event its not to late!

PM me or Wispshot in game or msn me @ 🙂

~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light


AElfwyn “strikes back(level 12+curse)” !

November 28, 2007


I’m back!(does twist) and ready to claim my most time-spent-online-in-ge award! >:D But first things first, time to update myself about the upcomings and ongoings on the faction in the past month! 
Just finished my exams and  I’m already spending time updating my beloved CHH website!

I’m in full throttle now for organizing activities and events for CHH!

Please stay tuned for updates!

~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light

Victory Is Ours!

November 27, 2007

Good evening guys! I just got home from work~ and i know i owe everyone an update on this webby!

First Things First, i have to put this up!

(anyone have more pictures to add ^^? send meee!) 

Woots! I’m sure this brings joy to everyone in the faction. Honestly, i wasn’t expecting anything from the very beginning~ My plan was for everyone to have a really good CW since we are probably not going to get such attendence in the up coming weeks~ (or maybe i might just be wrong…hmm! ^^)

I’m just glad that we got the lands as a bonus. Small factions dun usually appear on the map at the end of the wars, and i’ll say we have surpassed extraordinary. A great thanks to everyone whom have done their part in making it for the wars. Great job guys and gals, u all have fought well~

ClubHootHoot would also like to thank GodLike and Destiny, as well as all other royalist factions, for the help rendered! We really appreciate it =)

Would like to take this opportunity to also make it known, that this game is made possible only because we care as a team. CHH is not a huge faction, and consists of mainly people from friends and family.

Be it anything about the game, i want everyone who is in the faction to learn and progress together (lolx, sounds cheesy eh)! All the hours of gaming and looting would not be worth it if you guys weren’t there to walk with each other for this journey. Remember the grueling times when you guys desperately tried to survive together as a squad in the high level places~ ahaha…i’m sure all of you have your memories.

We all have only this one journey for GE, and it will all have an ending eventually. Whether or not to enjoy this path, the choice is yours~ i’ll continue to do my part to keep things up and running for as long as i can! this i promise u guys and gals!

But, i’ll need your support too people~ okays ^^? let us walk this path together, as one small but strong faction.

Cheers for the Hooties!

Voyager Squadron Leader

Farewell Faction Crafter~

November 27, 2007

This post is dedicated to Ikegami and JCK~

I, on behalf of the faction, would like to thank you 2 for your moments with us at ClubHootHoot! Much happy times have been spent together, and let them be memories for the 2 of u~

It has been a week since i knew the 2 of you would be leaving CHH~ Now that it has happened, i get a mixture of feelings~ both good and bad. Indeed, parting is difficult (even though i have anticipated it).

Fun is the motor for CHH since day one. If fun is gone, then there won’t be moltivation to play on as friends. What matters most is everybody have fun together, and that true and lasting friendships are fostered.

Now, a new journey lies ahead for the 2 of you. I know that ike u have been wanting to join GL / Destiny for a long time (since all your true ‘bros’ are there). Regardless of the reasons, i wish u good luck in your road ahead =)


Voyager Squadron Leader

Wispshot Family Reporting (Finally!)

November 25, 2007

Yes! and finally i managed to cheat myself to sit down in front of a computer to do an entry instead of hunting for bosses! =)

hi there my dearest members of the family! it’s been a long time since we all used the site to do anything drastic, so i was thinking we should use it a lot more often!

so did anyone of you actually come on down to read upon seeing the faction notices? if you did, please, leave a comment behind to lemme know that all this bloggy is useful! hee!

so it’s been a really really long way since CHH was started during the beta phase. we’ve walked this journey thus far, and i believe each and everyone of you guys (and gals!) out there have your own story to tell about granado espada. for myself, i would definitely not deny my shameless acts of discussing about the game with my friends and colleagues for hours~ ^^”

but one thing’s for sure! we all love it!

and this journey wouldn’t have been more eventful without friends (both powerful and skilled) coming in to join our faction! ah, the great memories of having get to personally invite ike, jck, potter, haru, ducky, chicken…it was just awesome to have u guys along with my walk in GE.

and yes, CHH is only going to become more powerful~! many of us now have many many vet characters (xcept me xD), and i’m going to be coming up with a series of new systems for our faction to move together and have more fun as a team! they will however be in a seperate post cuz otherwise this entry would be wayyyy too wordy.

as much as new systems might come to hopefully improve everyone’s lives, i would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for making this circle of families work. all your contributions, both openly and private, are very very much appreciated!

also, i would like to re-inforce that CHH is a faction for friendship and fun! we’re all gamers, but generally on the casual side for the majority. and i believe many of us log on to the game to enjoy it, not to make ourselves more stress! i also believe that in a game, nothing beats making new friends and finding new discoveries together! and hey, why not bring up the entire gaming experience by meeting up in real life and just chilling together? CHH already had some outings~ though not made open to everyone, i am sure we will be having a couple for the families residing in singapore!

for those of you who can make it, i strongly encourage u guys to attend for outings if possible! we can all spill our crap together, how fastasssssticcc is tat ^^?

i’ll really love to give each and everyone of u a great hug, but i guess that can only be happening in game now =) till nxt time guys, i’ll be doing more posts soon! so stay tuned~~


Voyager Squadron Leader

(P.S. If anyone of you want to do postings, please! feel free to approaach anyone of the leaders for more information! we are more than willing to allow our own faction mates add colour to the website!)