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ClubHootHoot wishes all its members a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

December 31, 2007

happy new year!

Happy Holidays to all Hooties! I’m sure that you all have been utilizing this recent holidays to train extra hard. It been a wonderful time training with you guys. We look forward to spending more time in the new year with you guys and try to take over Granado Espada!!!rawr! For the last Colony War of the year, we have managed to get one colony, Via Fluvial.

Via Fludial

Now we should all thank Wispshot for organizing the weekly Colony Wars throughout this year. Leave a comment and show you appreciation here:D

~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light


A Quick Note Before I Sleep~

December 22, 2007

Good evening hooties!

Here’s a gentle reminder for everyone to register for our CHH forum~ (cieranette in charge of the admins there)

Register using your IGN, and access will be given accordingly. The forums are protected to prevent outsiders from coming in to destroy/spy on it =)

Click on the quick links by the blogroll, and start posting your random stuffs on it now ^^

Good nite guys and gals! Good luck with the upcoming patch!

Voyager Squadron Leader


December 20, 2007

And nope! It does not mean PINOY as most of you people will probably be trying to interpret it as right now xD


I haven’t been online lately guys, and i appolagize for it! Been busy with outside stuff and all~ esp when christmas is just around the corner!

hence nothing beats coming back home to my computer to do a little bit of updating and gaming~ tat’s what i enjoy most! =) it’s like a little world of fantasy where dreams can come true.

i’ve been talking to people lately, and it’s good to know that most of ya hooties are doing fine! And there have been several issues over the past week, which i will go into details slowly (or maybe, eventually)~

I know that the previous CW was pretty much chaotic! but it certainly was one of the most intensly battled ones since i dun remember running much and having to do that much clicking in any of the previous ones ^^! hehe! really hoped joo guys loved it! I’ll plan as many CW’s as you guys want, as long as you all are with me ^^~

dun send me 1 person go hold the CHH Flag on enermy territory can already! =) oky! about the feedback i recieved was that it was pretty chaotic and some of the other alliance colonies were “wacking” our colonies even when we have agreed on who’s taking them. the thing i needa clarify is that we, as the heads in dessimating information down to everyone, sometimes have problem getting our point across to everyone when it is during the wars. i was actually on teamspeak with the rest of the GodLike members, and they were pretty fun people to be fighting side by side with ^^

most of the time, we will be wacking a same colony and the plan was for the colonies to be FFA for us to claim. so there isn’t too much of an issue on this, but i just hope everyone will understand that we try to pass out information as effectively as possible. sometimes, amidst the chaos, it is really difficult to get information across. therefore, please, do forgive us if we did not pass out the information as effectively as it was intended to be..~~ ^^ sorry guys and gal…

We got another colony again woohoos! Grats To Us Yo!

Guys, i’ve updated several areas in our humble little home webby~:
– Roll Call
– Colony wars
– Faction Outings
– Faction Forum Site

The forum site is courtesy of our beloved aide from Vermillion squadron, Cieranette~! He’s taken time to come up with a place for all of us to post our random bishings on! =)

The previous post about merger, i was really hesitating whether or not to ask everyone one. but i kinda decided that it was necessary to gather up on what everyone thinks about the idea that others have proposed.

Please people, do leave us your comments (use the prev post, or better still, teh forums yo)! it is crucial for Clubhoothoot’s survival in the upcoming patches~ being the small and casual faction we’ve been thus far, my only moltivation is to see that everyone whom have walked this journey with me to be happy as they enjoy their game. it is the thing that i want for everyone of us~

My best friend told me that being a leader in a MMORPG doesn’t really get any rewards…and i kinda agree with him! he says that it’s a very unrewarding job, whereby you spend most of your time just listening to what others have to say, and then gathering it all up for them and come up with this plan which everyone will probably be commenting about at the end. At the end of the day, the leaders in the MMORPG dun get anything out of it…but only satisfaction.

I thought about it for a while, and hey! i decided that my satisfaction comes from everyone’s happiness!~ That’s probably why i never left (there were many underground offers that were dished out to me, which i shall not go details into) the faction for others.

But hey, we all wanna progress in game, and that i acknowledge! So people, here’s when we all need to make a stand on what we as Hooties want. Feel free to use the forums. I’ll be doing my part for the faction for as long as i need to~ it’s ClubHootHoot man…=)

Gonna go take a shower now and prepare for the game in a 15 mins! Take care everyone~ see ya guys online!

Let’s Walk Elegantly~

Voyager Squadron Leader

ClubHootHo_Ot! What now?

December 20, 2007

[GodLike Faction] has requested a merger with [Clubhoothoot Faction] and other factions such as [Hellsing Faction] to form a new Faction; which would be more effective during Colony wars and could pit us head to head against other established factions such as [BROTHERHOOD Faction] and [Outcasts Faction]. We would henceforth like to hear YOUR views on the merger knowing that [Clubhoothoot Faction] exists because of the ties that blinds us together — Friendship. Please leave a comment on your views towards this issue. To help you decide, we have came up with a list of pros and cons if we were to reform.

Option 1- Merger


  1. We will gain an instant boost in manpower and attendance as well as competitive power rivaling other factions as plans will be less complication with 2 lesser voices (CHH and HS dissolved).
  2. We would have Colony Buffs to improve our individual gaming experience.(added HP for better boss hunts)
  3. More friends and contacts to help each other in need. (Assuming they do that. i.e. ‘some guy from BH bully me.’)


  1. CHH being a small faction, by nature, might end up having little or no say in the new faction and would have to take orders from above.
  2. There would be little sense of belonging and uncertainty will put our existing members to unease.
  3. Members might be uncustomed to the rules of the new faction and feel the lack of freedom to do our own things if compulsory compliance of certain activities are enforced.
  4. Divided loyalty also makes a merger fragile.(What do we have in common other then the royalist alliance?). This might result in a rift because of people looking down upon each other.
  5. CHH was created by friends and for friends. Merger means that we have to adapt to the professional environment. (No spamming faction chat just because you are too bored!)

Option2-We stay as we are


  1. We will retain a say for our own faction.
  2. Have our ClubHootHoot stamped on the world map.
  3. We keep what we orginally set up to do. Keep Granado Espada as a game for us to have fun and relax and also do what we like instead of an intense and constantly-competitive environment.


  1. It will require extra effort by everyone to do recruitment and pulling of loose friends to join our faction. As everyone of us is vital to the improvement to CHH.
  2. Current activities and comfort zones will have to be removed.


~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light


Voyager Squadron Leader

together with deputies
Tser, Cieranette and Brunhild Family

Upcoming features for CHH!

December 9, 2007

We have been juggling around a few ideas towards the future improvement of CHH. Here are some things we thought of, but first we would like to hear YOUR views and suggestions in what is to come in the following days in the fantazztic world of CHH’S Website and Community programs. These features, however, will only be implemented officially when Granado Espada’s V2.4 comes out on 20th December 2007. Until then all activities will be on the testing phase and we sincerely regret any inconvenience caused.


Monthly faction outings– Have you all realised that we have been having alot of faction outings lately? Please do partake in them^^ Faction bonding is the way to go! It would be nice to see who you are interacting with all along virtually — in person!


PVP tournaments– Want to pit your skills against pressure and fun at the same time? Currently under planning and formatting, the Tournament’s prizes are not to be trifled with! (We will need a little feedback from the community as to balance up certain aspects of the system) There will not be a registration fee or any misc charges; all you have to do is to sign up and show your stuff! — Will be considering team match-ups in future if the response is very good!

Raid Bosses– Our beloved Andre Wispshot is charting the new system of organization of Boss raids and hunts as well as planning a method of allowing the loots to be bid accordingly with a fair system behind it! Such a delicate task! Please be patient and wait for his announcement ^^


Renting of Elites, 92 uniques and rings A new scheme with regards to loaning of equipments is currently being developed and still under revision.

Who is eligibleMembers who have been with us for more then 1 month.
Fee-200k per month per item/10k for rings(this is to prevent abuse of the service)
*In the event that you are unable to return the item, a full market price will be charged on the item. (Lost/dropped/accidents etc, this is a privilege, therefore we expect members to be diligent and responsible as well)
*The item is subjected to be recalled back anytime by squadron leaders and the money refunded as and when the situation deems fit for such action.
*The item is pre-chipped to a average stat. If you wish to +5 the item or chip it, please proceed to the FL or DFL passing them to +5 using boosters and/or chips.

Sale of equipmentsThis page is made especially for members who wish to advertise or selling of items and for those who intend to buy them. To better facilitate the sales of your items and also help the good items stay within the faction. 🙂 We should all assist each other ^^


CHH website

KS’ers Exposed! -This is for Hooties who have been ks’ed to voice their grievances. This would serve as a “Hall of Shame” page where we will together strike back on the evil KS’ers!

Screenshots-Interesting screenshots you would like to share with everyone 🙂 Please send me those pics via MSN.

General Forums– For General Q&A, Recruitment posts, Forum-relay-chatting and spamming in those off GE hours!

List of crafters Who you can approach for your crafting needs; but be nice and ask, they are not slaves but our fellow companions — who spent the extra time and effort in training them up 🙂

List of costumes-Linked from a Japanese Website=.= but nevertheless helpful.:)



~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light


Settlers Cafe:) and misc.

December 4, 2007

hmmm.. some photos for previous faction outings:)

highest stacko you have every seen eh? lol



soory lammeh:X you so cute>.<must share with the world^^


~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light

Hooties Wooties!

December 4, 2007

Woots~! i just came home from japanese buffet XD the most healthy and fattening kind i think anyone can have under the category of “eat till u drop” cuisines! ^^

it was good! and therefore i can now do this entry with a really full stomach =)

Once again, i’ll have to do this:

WE DID IT AGAIN ZOMG! Cheers for ClubHootHoot! Great job guys!

 yes yes…and we all know we were really lucky, and it was purely luck that enabled us 2 colonies again this week! actually, i never got to tell this to anyone (except for some of you, maybe), but i seriously didn’t think we were going to hold any colonies after that war report from Reculsion about BH and us XD

but i thought hey, why not we try out our lucks ^^~

and most of ya would agree with me, right ^^? (this is when u guys can create a riot by posting your comments!)

A Very Special Thanks To Hellsling Faction, GodLike Faction, HrinFanClub Faction And all other royalists factions for the help rendered! We @ ClubHootHoot Are Extremely Appreciative of it! =D

well! just a bit of an update~ i’m currently working on a boss raid system that will benefit the faction members as a whole. guys give me time to get things working, i’m trying my best to get things into place for everyone to enjoy! do check back the page on “Faction Bid System” soon.

Cieranette will soon be hosting in house competitions! so guys~ DO PARTICIPATE! prizes will be given out as a form of encouragement to get people to train up for PvP skills! i’m sure many of u love pvp rite ^^? (lolx at lammeh and rosen~) think of it as a time for all you guys to have a time to horne your pvp skills! and a time to earn some booze for your families in Granado Espada!

Wat makes clubhoothoot so special is that we are all very focused on getting real relationships built up…ah, loved the gathering last friday~! it was like totally awesome! i mean it is so important that we all know each other and talk to each other~ that’s the only way we can all get to better understand each other. and realise that hey, we’re all just here to have fun! =) (not very different from one another i must say!)

thanks to all who attended the gathering on the 30th november! =) as i promised ducky, MORE OUTINGS TO COME this holidays!

Imma gonna go take a shower! guys, last thing for all of u to note is that u guys can do posts on this website! be it about anything, just let any of the squadron leaders know =D we’ll be more than willing to add your barang barang to our cosy little page ^^

Let’s Walk Elegantly~

Voyager Squadron Leader

KTV on 8th December 2007(Saturday)

December 3, 2007


Luncheon and KTV session
what to bring
yourself-thats a given:D
8th December 2007(Saturday)1300hrs(GTM+8)
marina square. meet at city hall mrt control station:)

If you decide the you would like to attend this event its not to late! leave you replies on this post!

if event is less then 1 day away: PM me or Wispshot in game or msn me @ 🙂

~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light