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    Happy Chinese new year and seasons greeting to all. Sorry I have not ben around lately, was in Japan for 9 days on holiday. :3

In light of the few queries regarding certain families being in the faction but are not online at all, we have implemented this new system to ensure that all the inactive/quit-the-game members are expelled to leave space for more active members.

For example:

If I needed to take a 6 week break from GE for exams and will definetely not be online because my parents have locked the cupboard. (note that this is just a hypothethical situation which did not happen to me. XD)

I will submit my reason for inactivity as follows —

In-game name: Ælfwyn
Reason: Exams
Expected date of return:  XX/03/2008

There will be a one month grace period, which will begin the day after your expected return date, following which you will be removed from the faction due to inactivity.
Please note that one month is really a very long period of time consisting of 4 weeks or 30+/- days or 720 hours or 43200 minutes or 2592000 seconds.
Your dog would have died 3 times if you didn’t feed it for this long.

CHH is a place whereby each and every one of us here are treated like kins.
With all due respect, if any one of us has to be inactive for a long period of time, it is appreciated that all of us (not just the FL or the DFLs) get to know where’s our friend heading to. 🙂

As some of you would have noticed, several inactive members have already been expelled from the faction to allow us to better understand our actual faction strength.
These are (ex)members whom have not been online for years, or have confirmed to have quit the game.

So please do not worry that we randomly pick people whom we have not seen for 1 or 2 days to just boot! >.<

Any comments or queries regarding this new regulation should be discussed in the forums 🙂

Forum Link for discussion thread :

Forum Link for Inactivity Submission :

~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

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