Updates Ahoy!


Several updates in CHH at a glance!

1)Faction Trimming!

The removal of inactive members has already begun! If you are unable to log in for a period of time, please submit your inactivity forms in the forums or you will be expelled accordingly.

2)List of crafters updated!

If you have a crafter you would like to share with us or have noticed any discrepancies on that page feel, please feel free to inform me.

3)Roll call updated!

Welcoming all new hooties!~
Do remember to view the initiation videos to be a true blue hootie!

4)Raid Point System updated!

Raid points will now be available on the Register Faction member page(alt+y) so that you can check your raid points at any time of the day! You are reminded that raid points are non-transferable and are only used to exchange for the faction vault items only. You may not exchange them for food and diapers.

5)Colony Wars!

CHH will be attending colony wars from this week onwards and needs your help! With a newly appointed War General, Fairre a.k.a AT, we will be kicking some ass:D

Some tips to prepare for CW (specially for Moneylove XD),

  • You are encouraged to restart/defragment or close any d/l programs to get your computer to get it running at its peak.
  • set your game settings to low both out of game and in game.
  • Buy potions.
  • Buy more potions.
  • Download TeamSpeak(optional)  download it now
  • Log in at least 1/2 hr before CW (it starts at 8.00pm GMT+8) and check forums for updates so that you can be briefed accordingly and divided into neccessary squads.
  • Listen to instructions.
  • Feed the baby before CW or risk it starving.

6)Daily PY raids!

CHH attends PY at 8.30pm GMT+8 everyday! Join us in your quest of 1337 equipments and more raid points to bid for them!

7)Active recruitment!

Yes as you all would have notice CHH will be returning to CW. Hence, it is Vital to actively spread the hooty legacy and make them watch YATTA!

8)Probation Period!

Upon admission clubhoothoot, you will have to fulfill a 10 day probation period before becoming a full-fledged member. During those 10 days, you are encouraged to log in as much as possible so that your members can know you better. CHH however supports casual gaming and understands that you have other commitments at hand and hence, does not organize any activity that are compulsory. You are currently only required to log in once a month after becoming a full-fledged hootie. The CHH forums will only be available to you after 10 days, you are however encouraged to register as a forum member upon admission so that the transition can be processed asap. Any abuse or action that would damage CHH’s reputation will be dealt with severely.

9)Member profiles!

Please do post your personal profile in the forums so all of us can get to know each other better!

~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light


One Response to “Updates Ahoy!”

  1. Exigo Says:

    Head from Fairre that he’s joining over with a couple of HS members, and that CHH will be joining the upcoming colony war. Congrates and all the best to CHH and hope you guys can make it into top 8.

    Best Regards,

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