Clubhoothoot FTW!~


After a long break from the Colony Wars, CHH went back with a blast and clinched 2 Colonies! Grats to all Hooties for participating in todays war! You guys were fantastic~

Our members started garthering at 7.30pm(GTM+8) at the tetra hill’s faction colony manager. We were then spilt into our respective squads. As 8pm approached, we started attaking Tetra Hill’s Colony. The first time the Colony broke, it belonged to no one! But all of us thought it belonged to Wargodz/Armada because they were around hitting the Colony with us. I imagined everyone must have had the D: face. We immdiately headed back to Tetra hill’s Colony whilst urging Wispshot to declare war on them. After heading back to the Colony, we realised that there was a server bug and we could hit the colony again and so we went ahead~

After that, time passed slowly and there were no war declarations. [HrinsFanClub Faction] then decided to have a friendly pvp with us. As the colony war was coming to an end, we saw an opportunity to get a second colony, The Rion Prairie, which was occupied by [What Faction], with [Sovereign Faction] assisting them. After an intense battle, which lasted around 20 adrenaline-full minutes,  we managed to secure our second colony.

In was all in all a fun CW and we must not forget to thank people like Fairre and Wispshot that made this all possible. Good job hooties! Give yourself a pat!:D Everyone that turned up for at least 3/4 of the Colony War will each receive a Raid Point! HOOTIE WOOTIES!

Join in the good fight with CHH today!
PM Wispshot / Camez / Ælfwyn for an interview now!



~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light




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