Hootie Wootie~!


(I’m so running out of ideas for topics! XD)

Hiya fellow hooties!

Here’s a quick glance for the events that have happened and are upcoming in the comfortable home of ClubHootHoot:

Colony Wars

Here’s a congratulations to all hooties whom made it for the wars~! For the past 5 CW’s, we stood brave and defended our asses to make the best in the history of the Club’s colony war history!

All leaders of Voyager, Vermillion and Grudgebringers would like to thank every single one of u members out there for your time, effort and sweat for making it as a team! We know our words probably mean little to all of you, but we truely appreciate it!

And it’s the effort that we see your guys put in that gives us the moltivation to plan and do all the necessary arrangements for wars!

An army is nothing without it’s general…so is the general without his men.

Let us move forward in GE together guys and gals~! For the walk may be short, but it’s what memories that we get to keep that’s worth everything =) Keep up the great work hooties!

For guests whom might be reading this page, members at CHH would like to thank you guys for any help rendered to us during the periods of war! We know who you are ^^! And we couldn’t have made it without you guys too!


War Of The Factions

It’s 1 day to the BIG battle! And if you can do your part, please do so!

ClubHootHoot has made it to the top 8 factions in Carracci for this competition! This is a moment we should all enjoy together as a faction!

As such, all members whom are capable of battle (you guys know who you are), I would like to urge you guys to make an effort for the event! Fairre and Aelf are putting their best strategies together to come up with a plan for the event, and we can only do it if the strong members are willing to lend your strengths!

Kindly PM the leaders in game / post in our forums guys! =) If we make it for the faction, everyone in the faction will stand to gain! So let’s keep our fingers crossed will then!

Leaderships Positions In ClubHootHoot!

It’s never about power! Just more fun and as a team, we’ll show the world what hooties are all about!

There might have been various shifts in posts this past month (and maybe in the upcoming future) and these are to help facilitate our faction’s movement and recruitment! Do not panic, we’re all still here to help each other out~ ^^

To every hooties out there ^^ Give your support for the ones handling all your administration and peace talks! Feel free to look us up in game or the forums even if you need any help or queries answered!

Time To Squad Up!

The deadline for choosing a squadron is up! We’ll be putting members into their respective squadrons soon!

Bear with us while we handle the massive amount of data to be updated!

A final push for members whom have yet to choose your squadrons~ Kindly post your preferred choice of squadron here!

Faction Outing!

Okay, i’ll be hosting an outing for all SG located CHH members soon! Please stay tuned for details in the Club’s forums (General Announcements)!

It will be this month! =)

Okay! That will be all for now~! We hope everyone’s having a good time in game and in real life!

Till The Next Elegant Moment!

Voyager Squadron Leader


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