About Us

So Here’s How The Story Goes:

We were just a bunch of mere lvl 1 pioneers, barely even firmiliar with the controls of Granado Espada. It was still in the open beta phase of the game, and through family and friendship, we began our series of “intensive parking” programs.

All of us love GE for many reasons. Some like it for the Victorian-like style character designs. Some liked the multi character control system. Some just love to craft items. And of course, not forgetting the ones whom love to pose in towns and made similar genders hug each other *lols*~

Most of us know each other in real life.

And it was that fateful day in Sim Lim Square, when Crimson (a.k.a boss) made a random comment about “hooting” (which means buying without considering consequences in dialect) computer parts for ourselves. The following night, ClubHootHoot was born.

And so our journey began, from parking at Porto bello dungeons to El Lago De Hermanes to Lava Plateau~ We moved together, we fought hard (and also looted Really hard xD).

Soon, newer members came, and our circle began to expand. Faction chat became more active, and different families continued to progress thorugh time and effort. We help weaker members to up their experience in GE by walking with them their journey in Vespalona.

And today, we stand proud in Carrachi as one of the many lvl 52 factions.


ClubHootHoot is a faction meant for the fun and the adventourous! Our faction strives to enhance and provide the most friendly and exciting experience in Granado Espada.

We believe that games should be enjoyable for everyone, since it is afterall, a type of relaxation that many gamers look forward to. Though GE has much politics and competition, our path remains unshakened: to provide every member with the ultimate faction experience.

The faction currently consists of members from different walks of life; from students to national service men to working adult personnel. As such, majority of us are classified as casual gamers.

And together, we strive to make the game fun by adding in that extra”spice” (spamming of faction chat logs is common ^^).

Please, do not hesistate to contact anyone of us to find out everything that you might want to know about our faction. Though you’ll be hearing all sorts of diffrent tales from individual members…

But in the long run, we stand united as the Hooties of the server! HOOT AR!


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