Are You Ready For Promotion?

As you have all realised most of ClubHootHoot’s members are nearing the promotion to veteran status(level.100). Heres a guide to ensure a smooth transition into a veteran .

1) Upon reaching level 90, please ensure that your stances have been fully maxed out (level25) as most veteran stances require one of the beginner stance as a prerequisite. Below is a table of the stance you to need to master before learning veteran stances.

Incantation- ESP (Amelia the sage)
Athenema- Illusionist (M’Boma aka flying brown hamster)
Cannon Assault-Siege Burst (Jose)
Close Encounters-Standing Shot (Grace Bernelli (hawt pls), Najib)
Advance Garde – Epee Garde
Sidewinder -Plow Guard (Ramiro, Idge, Tiburon, Grandice)
Stave Guard – Blandir Cruz (Claude, Alejandro )
Defender -High Guard (Reboldeux Soldier, Coimbra Trooper)
Domination of fire-Evocation of fire(M’Boma)
Domination of ice– Evocation of ice
Domination of lightning– Evocation of lightning

2)In the second half of your level 90 phrase(around lvl.97), you should start looking for materials to create the stance books for the veteran skills you wish to learn. Here are the recipes for the following veteran stances.

Incantation = Rare book of magic + 50 Mega Ioniums
Athenema = Rare book of magic+ 50 Mega Aidaniums
Close Encounters =Rare book of shooting + 50 Mega Aidaniums
Cannon Assault =Rare book of shooting + 50 Etretanium
Advance Garde =Rare book of combat + 50 Etretanium
Sidewinder= Rare book of combat + 50 Mega Aidaniums
Stave Guard =Rare book of combat + 50 Mega Ioniums
Defender =Rare book of combat + 50 Mega Ioniums
Domination of fire = Rare book of magic + 50 Mega Ioniums
Domination of ice =Rare book of magic + 50 Mega Aidaniums
Domination of lightning =Rare book of magic + 50 Etretanium

Mega Aidaniums, Mega Ionium and Mega Etretanium

It is highly recommend that you train at Topolo Durga (lvl97~lvl100) to gather materials needed to create your veteran stance book. Topolo Durga drops mega ores which is one of the essential material needed in the production of your desired stance book. Alternatively, if you have tons of vis, the ores are priced around 200k~400k. Please take note that one full day of farming with only give you an average of 10pcs of each type of ore.=_=”(did i mention if you are lucky!)

Rare Books

The rare books can be found in the Deprimida Valley (lvl.104~105). As it is high level area, you might want to ask the Roses to assist you. You are again given a choice of purchasing the rare books from the market (waste of good vis i’d say). Rare book of magic costs around 3million~3.5million vis .Rare book of combat is about 2million~3million vis and Rare book of shooting is 500k.(you really cant use close encounters without the bayonett and that weapon is HAX!)

3)HURRAY! You are level 100!Time to head on down to the Master room and manufacture those veteran stance books. Get ready your hand phone (under a singtel plan) or make your way to the nearest Comics Connection cause this is the part where G-Points come in. You must then head on down to the premium item dealer (the one which look amazingly like mistress Hrin) and purchase you promotion scrolls! They come in either 1 ( 4,400GP) or 3 (11,880GP).OMG!LEVEL100!! With your promotion scrolls in your premium inventory (Ctrl+F to find), dash to the Master room again and ask nicely the veterans to promote you. After that, consume your veteran stance books and WOOT~!! You’re a full fledged veteran now!

This article could not have been made possible without Methry, Aryrbeth and Ensei! They are Veterans now! Woots~!

~Emily Aelfwyn~

Let us together, reach for the light


One Response to “Are You Ready For Promotion?”

  1. Feistydoll Says:

    wow. very informative. thank you for posting this ^__^ really helps. now i will keep on hunting those items XD

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