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Colony wars rules and fun facts!

May 26, 2008

Colony wars is a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between factions to occupy a piece of land and reap its rewards(colony buff) and their faction name will be written on the world map. The duration of CW is 2hrs and it takes place every sunday night at 8pm(GMT +8 ) sharp in channel 1 only.

Colony Stones

During this period, colonies will be open to attack on all the maps that have a colony in it. Any faction can attack any unowned colony, while only hostile factions can attack the rival’s colony.



Even after seeing its properties, the colonies 1337 Dr and def, I must stress that the destroying of the colony does not depend on the damage done to the colony but the number of hits dealt to it. Hence, every single one regardless of level are of equal productivity when weakening the stone.So it doesnt matter what level you are when it’s time to destory the colony. Characters that are known to do the most Damage Per Second(DPS) are normally builders such as Diego and Angie, dagger users such as lisa or Catherine the Summoner. Once the colony has been destroyed, the colony will belong to the faction of the last person who hit and destroyed the colony. The colony will return to full hp at the begining of every CW and will reset on the 1st of every month.

Rewards of an occupied Colony

Colony Buff

The faction that rules that map and enjoy certain HP and attack boost bonuses.


1st colony:Maximum Hp +10%, 2nd to 5th colony:Maximum Hp +9%.

The 6th colony and above will carry no special attributes.

Listed on the word map



A chance for recognition and fame.

Colony War rules(applies to chh onlyXD)

No spamming on faction chat after CW has started.

This is prevent the War Commander’s orders for being delayed. Spamming faction chat will also lag some people. If you have a query or tip you who like to share please approach you squad leaders before enquiring it on faction chat.

No trashtalk

No taunting and laughing at other factions.

Follow orders

Trust us and we will do our best:)

Save warps before CW

Dont log in at 8pm and ask me”aelf what warps to save?hehe.” i r smacks your butties! The CW warps will be updated in the afternon on the day itself. A faction notice will been posted once it is updated. The CW password can be obtained from either Cieranette or myself.

Be punctual

Try to log in before 7.35pm. This will give you ample time to save you warps or be informed of any last minute changes. If you will be late please imform us in advance and if you are late please pm Cieranette for squad:]

~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light



Hootie Wootie~!

May 2, 2008

(I’m so running out of ideas for topics! XD)

Hiya fellow hooties!

Here’s a quick glance for the events that have happened and are upcoming in the comfortable home of ClubHootHoot:

Colony Wars

Here’s a congratulations to all hooties whom made it for the wars~! For the past 5 CW’s, we stood brave and defended our asses to make the best in the history of the Club’s colony war history!

All leaders of Voyager, Vermillion and Grudgebringers would like to thank every single one of u members out there for your time, effort and sweat for making it as a team! We know our words probably mean little to all of you, but we truely appreciate it!

And it’s the effort that we see your guys put in that gives us the moltivation to plan and do all the necessary arrangements for wars!

An army is nothing without it’s general…so is the general without his men.

Let us move forward in GE together guys and gals~! For the walk may be short, but it’s what memories that we get to keep that’s worth everything =) Keep up the great work hooties!

For guests whom might be reading this page, members at CHH would like to thank you guys for any help rendered to us during the periods of war! We know who you are ^^! And we couldn’t have made it without you guys too!


War Of The Factions

It’s 1 day to the BIG battle! And if you can do your part, please do so!

ClubHootHoot has made it to the top 8 factions in Carracci for this competition! This is a moment we should all enjoy together as a faction!

As such, all members whom are capable of battle (you guys know who you are), I would like to urge you guys to make an effort for the event! Fairre and Aelf are putting their best strategies together to come up with a plan for the event, and we can only do it if the strong members are willing to lend your strengths!

Kindly PM the leaders in game / post in our forums guys! =) If we make it for the faction, everyone in the faction will stand to gain! So let’s keep our fingers crossed will then!

Leaderships Positions In ClubHootHoot!

It’s never about power! Just more fun and as a team, we’ll show the world what hooties are all about!

There might have been various shifts in posts this past month (and maybe in the upcoming future) and these are to help facilitate our faction’s movement and recruitment! Do not panic, we’re all still here to help each other out~ ^^

To every hooties out there ^^ Give your support for the ones handling all your administration and peace talks! Feel free to look us up in game or the forums even if you need any help or queries answered!

Time To Squad Up!

The deadline for choosing a squadron is up! We’ll be putting members into their respective squadrons soon!

Bear with us while we handle the massive amount of data to be updated!

A final push for members whom have yet to choose your squadrons~ Kindly post your preferred choice of squadron here!

Faction Outing!

Okay, i’ll be hosting an outing for all SG located CHH members soon! Please stay tuned for details in the Club’s forums (General Announcements)!

It will be this month! =)

Okay! That will be all for now~! We hope everyone’s having a good time in game and in real life!

Till The Next Elegant Moment!

Voyager Squadron Leader

Gentle Reminder To Everyone~

April 17, 2008

Hi hooties,

Please note that when you guys and gals register for the forums, they are subject to approval from the admins (a.k.a. cier and his mimions).

It has come to our attention that there might be users whom have “questionable” IDs. Please register your nicks using your in game family name. We would like to keep our forums private for hooties use only.

I’ll be working out a list of users whom will have to re-apply for the forums again. Please use your family names in the process =)

Also, note that the forum bids are open for hooties to use already! Check em out at the faction vault section~!

Good nite everyone and good luck!


Voyager Squadron Leader

Updates For The Go!

April 10, 2008

Hiya hooties!

Okay, here’s a quick glance at some of the updates and upcoming changes that keeps the club moving~!

Welcome All Ya New Hooties to ClubHootHoot!

I’ve been pretty worned out by work and personal life lately, and I haven’t gotten a chance to welcome each and everyone of you precious hooties! Hehe, so what better way than to make a general post on our website? =)

So here’s a welcome to everyone who’s come to join the club! I really hope you guys will like it here~ It’s a small little piece of heaven, and you guys will soon realise that we function very differently from a lot of other larger factions! ^^

On behalf of The 3 squadron leaders (Voyager, Vermillion and Grudgebringers) and CHH’s very own War General, We hope you guys will find CHH an experience that’s remains unique for your walk in Granado Espada!

Expert Guide

There was an expert guide done by our lady Ælfwyn a week ago! We all thank her for her efforts and that post can now be found at the side of ClubHootHoot’s Blogroll!

Simply access the page using the “Guides” category and click on Expert Guide! =) Get your characters to the next level of granado espada’s experience today!

ClubHootHoot Faction Vault

The moment many of you hooties have been eagerly looking forward to, the faction vault is now ready for bid! Please read the Rules and Regulations for bidding before you make a bid for the items! =)

Access it in the CHH forums under the Faction Vault Forums! Woots~

Note that this is a newly implemented system, and we are working on making it an efficient system for every hootie out there to enjoy! Please bear with us while we make adjustments to the systems to balance it out for everyone.

ClubHootHoot’s Exceptional Reputation

Yes, we may not have been on the map often enough before the last colony wars! BUT CHH is one of the better reputated factions that withstood the test of time. And this is only possible when we work as a team to maintain our good reputation.

Crimson Wrote:
“I wanna thank each and every one of you for bringing Clubhoothoot to where it is today, no matter what’s your story.

I believe if we stick to GE-ing in what we believe in , we will be happy playing the game – no matter what. So do not let outside troubles and in-game politics trouble you – relax and have fun in a world where we can chat, enjoy, and explore the New World. Do it alone, do it with friends, do it with us – its all up to you – no worries at all!”

As such, i’ve decided that there is a need to do an entry (specially for hooties to read only) in our forums to emphasis on the importance of having the appropriate attitude when it comes to encounters with other factions.

Everyone is encouraged to read the post in the announcements section of the forum page!

Squadron Recruitment Campaign

I know i’m the one who started this campaign, but i really really haven’t been having much time online! But the competition is still on! Hooties can take time to know your leaders better by talking and interacting with them~!

And you guys may post your squadron preferences here!

The campaign ends this April! So act fast and think smart! Join Voyager Squadron Today For Your Most Elegant Experience~!

Kkay! That’s all the time i have for everyone now~! I’ll be back with more updates soon! Take care everyone~

P.S. We haven’t had any outings since boss went into the army~! Hooties do join me in wishing Crimson a safe and healthy journey with the Singapore Armed Forces for his National Service! =)

Hint Hint: Maybe we should have an outing soon! xD

Let’s Continue To Walk Elegantly,

Voyager Squadron Leader

Clubhoothoot FTW!~

April 7, 2008

After a long break from the Colony Wars, CHH went back with a blast and clinched 2 Colonies! Grats to all Hooties for participating in todays war! You guys were fantastic~

Our members started garthering at 7.30pm(GTM+8) at the tetra hill’s faction colony manager. We were then spilt into our respective squads. As 8pm approached, we started attaking Tetra Hill’s Colony. The first time the Colony broke, it belonged to no one! But all of us thought it belonged to Wargodz/Armada because they were around hitting the Colony with us. I imagined everyone must have had the D: face. We immdiately headed back to Tetra hill’s Colony whilst urging Wispshot to declare war on them. After heading back to the Colony, we realised that there was a server bug and we could hit the colony again and so we went ahead~

After that, time passed slowly and there were no war declarations. [HrinsFanClub Faction] then decided to have a friendly pvp with us. As the colony war was coming to an end, we saw an opportunity to get a second colony, The Rion Prairie, which was occupied by [What Faction], with [Sovereign Faction] assisting them. After an intense battle, which lasted around 20 adrenaline-full minutes,  we managed to secure our second colony.

In was all in all a fun CW and we must not forget to thank people like Fairre and Wispshot that made this all possible. Good job hooties! Give yourself a pat!:D Everyone that turned up for at least 3/4 of the Colony War will each receive a Raid Point! HOOTIE WOOTIES!

Join in the good fight with CHH today!
PM Wispshot / Camez / Ælfwyn for an interview now!



~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light



Updates Ahoy!

April 1, 2008

Several updates in CHH at a glance!

1)Faction Trimming!

The removal of inactive members has already begun! If you are unable to log in for a period of time, please submit your inactivity forms in the forums or you will be expelled accordingly.

2)List of crafters updated!

If you have a crafter you would like to share with us or have noticed any discrepancies on that page feel, please feel free to inform me.

3)Roll call updated!

Welcoming all new hooties!~
Do remember to view the initiation videos to be a true blue hootie!

4)Raid Point System updated!

Raid points will now be available on the Register Faction member page(alt+y) so that you can check your raid points at any time of the day! You are reminded that raid points are non-transferable and are only used to exchange for the faction vault items only. You may not exchange them for food and diapers.

5)Colony Wars!

CHH will be attending colony wars from this week onwards and needs your help! With a newly appointed War General, Fairre a.k.a AT, we will be kicking some ass:D

Some tips to prepare for CW (specially for Moneylove XD),

  • You are encouraged to restart/defragment or close any d/l programs to get your computer to get it running at its peak.
  • set your game settings to low both out of game and in game.
  • Buy potions.
  • Buy more potions.
  • Download TeamSpeak(optional)  download it now
  • Log in at least 1/2 hr before CW (it starts at 8.00pm GMT+8) and check forums for updates so that you can be briefed accordingly and divided into neccessary squads.
  • Listen to instructions.
  • Feed the baby before CW or risk it starving.

6)Daily PY raids!

CHH attends PY at 8.30pm GMT+8 everyday! Join us in your quest of 1337 equipments and more raid points to bid for them!

7)Active recruitment!

Yes as you all would have notice CHH will be returning to CW. Hence, it is Vital to actively spread the hooty legacy and make them watch YATTA!

8)Probation Period!

Upon admission clubhoothoot, you will have to fulfill a 10 day probation period before becoming a full-fledged member. During those 10 days, you are encouraged to log in as much as possible so that your members can know you better. CHH however supports casual gaming and understands that you have other commitments at hand and hence, does not organize any activity that are compulsory. You are currently only required to log in once a month after becoming a full-fledged hootie. The CHH forums will only be available to you after 10 days, you are however encouraged to register as a forum member upon admission so that the transition can be processed asap. Any abuse or action that would damage CHH’s reputation will be dealt with severely.

9)Member profiles!

Please do post your personal profile in the forums so all of us can get to know each other better!

~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light


March 5, 2008


only in the CHH forums

~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light


New CHH regulations

February 15, 2008

Hie everyone!  ^^

    Happy Chinese new year and seasons greeting to all. Sorry I have not ben around lately, was in Japan for 9 days on holiday. :3

In light of the few queries regarding certain families being in the faction but are not online at all, we have implemented this new system to ensure that all the inactive/quit-the-game members are expelled to leave space for more active members.

For example:

If I needed to take a 6 week break from GE for exams and will definetely not be online because my parents have locked the cupboard. (note that this is just a hypothethical situation which did not happen to me. XD)

I will submit my reason for inactivity as follows —

In-game name: Ælfwyn
Reason: Exams
Expected date of return:  XX/03/2008

There will be a one month grace period, which will begin the day after your expected return date, following which you will be removed from the faction due to inactivity.
Please note that one month is really a very long period of time consisting of 4 weeks or 30+/- days or 720 hours or 43200 minutes or 2592000 seconds.
Your dog would have died 3 times if you didn’t feed it for this long.

CHH is a place whereby each and every one of us here are treated like kins.
With all due respect, if any one of us has to be inactive for a long period of time, it is appreciated that all of us (not just the FL or the DFLs) get to know where’s our friend heading to. 🙂

As some of you would have noticed, several inactive members have already been expelled from the faction to allow us to better understand our actual faction strength.
These are (ex)members whom have not been online for years, or have confirmed to have quit the game.

So please do not worry that we randomly pick people whom we have not seen for 1 or 2 days to just boot! >.<

Any comments or queries regarding this new regulation should be discussed in the forums 🙂

Forum Link for discussion thread :

Forum Link for Inactivity Submission :

~Emily Ælfwyn~
Vermillion Squadron Leader

Let us together, reach for the light

together with
P.I.M.P  Cieranette Family