Squadron Power!

Good Day Fellow Hooters!

One of the most unique features in CHH (that i don’t suppose any other faction has adapted) is that we have divided our men into different “categories”!

The purpose of having members split into different squads is to help facilitate group trainings and special events. Members in each of the 3 different squads are under a DFL (deputy faction leader) whom is in charged of them. The role of the squadron leaders is to help facilitate coordination amongst members, as well as to take care of the welfare of all our dear fellow hooties!

Currently, we have 3 squads:

Voyager Squad – under the command of “Moi” (andre style woots!)

Vermillion Squad – under the wise and resourceful leadership of Ælfwyn~

Grudgebringer Squad – under the fierce and powerful leadership of Camez and company!


Each individual squad has it’s own schedule of trainings, hunting and pvp matches etc. there might also be special events organised by the DFLs that are exclusive to it’s own squad members ^^

As most of you might have noticed, we are currently in the midst of settling people into their respective squads to be under the different leaders in the faction. Here’s the catch!

If you do not belong to any squad at the moment, feel free to ask if your can join anyone of them! The good thing about joining a squad early is that you can get to train with them (super parking power in groups!), chat with them (build up your relationships!), and do things together as a group.

This system is implemented with the intention of allowing all hooties to have more freedom, more choice and best of all, some competition to perk up your GE experience! In the days to come, i see faction competitions coming our way~ =)

Granado Espada is all about unity and friendship! Let us walk this journey together, as 3 powerful squads, 1 powerful ClubHootHoot!

Best Regards,

Voyager Squadron Leader


2 Responses to “Squadron Power!”

  1. soulreplay Says:

    how come i’m not under any of the squad XD. LOL

  2. hootclub Says:

    lolx! you will be soon! =) use the forums to discuss this topic =)

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