Faction Outings

Hi Hooties!

Crimson will be hosting a movie outing for this christmas festivities on the 27th December 2007 @ 730 pm~!

The movie title will be National Treasure: Book Of Secrects.

We have yet to come up with an…

Dining Venue (making a choice everyone ^^):
Pasta De Waraku @ Marina Square / Central Mall
New York Desert Cafe @ Holland Village / Wheelock Place
Steamboat Buffet @ Bugis / International Plaza Orchard
Kenny Rogers @ Suntec City / East Coast Park a.k.a. Marine Cove
– Any Suggestion…? ^^

Do note that however, the prefered venue of movie will be at Vivo City / Cathay Dolby Ghaut.

Kindly list your preferences and any suggestions in the forums (preferably ^^)! You may of course, continue to use here if u want to =)

Till then, Let’s Walk Elegantly~

Voyager Squadron


2 Responses to “Faction Outings”

  1. Exigo Says:

    I’m working…. 26th is a weekday….

  2. hootclub Says:

    okay, so it’s still not a confirm ^^ need more response first, den we decide on the date!

    wat about the choice of activity and venues ^^ more ideas to add?


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