Recruitment Criteria

Thank you for expressing your interests in our faction!

At ClubHootHoot, we strive to create a friendly and helpful community. Admission to the faction is considered on a case-by-case basis. There will be no level requirement or membership fee required.

You are however advised to

  1. Have a good command of the english language
  2. Log in at least once in 2 weeks
  3. Be willing to share and actively take part in faction organised events and outings (i.e. boss raids, real life meetings etc.)

PS. Friendliness, honesty and consideration is a virtue we should all practise.

Other activities such as botting or defaming the faction will earn a ban with immediate effect. Failure to uphold this requirement will result in dire consequences.

All potenial members will have to go through an interview and pobation period of 10 days. To join please leave us a message here or pm Wispshot & Ælfwyn in-game for an interview today!

We hope to see you soon! ^^

Yours sincerely,

Wispshot & Ælfwyn

Committee Members
ClubHootHoot Faction



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